Hello, world!

I currently work as a Data Visualization Analysist at the United States Studies Center at the University of Sydney. Previously, I was one of the 2018 Australian Google News Initative Fellows with the ABC News Lab. I create data visualization pieces using a variety of tools, including R, Python, and D3.js. Additionally, I work as a Research Assistant for Professor Simon Jackman, Professor of Political Science and CEO of the USSC. I am also a RA for the Australian Women’s Working Futures project, primarily providing statistical expertise.

I am an R package developer, having created readabs, a R package that reads Excel files from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Right now, I am working on ggparliament, a ggplot2 extension for parliament plots.

My research interests lie in the intersection of statistics and political behavior. Broadly speaking, I study comparative public opinion and political behavior, with a focus on the United States and Australia. I also have a keen interest in the Pacific region, particularly Small Island Developing States.

Some of the research projects I have worked on including measuring political knowledge, case studies of refugees in Paris, an analysis of climate change refugees in the Pacific, and a pre-election survey of US college students from September to November, 2016.

I have written for The Monkey Cage at The Washington Post and ABC News.

I graduated from Smith College in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and a minor in Statistics and Data Science. Born and raised in Australia, I have since spent most of my adult life abroad in Costa Rica, the United States, France, and Kenya.